WC soundtrack

Shooting Guns – Barn Burner

We had the opportunity to work with the talented Saskatoon band, the Shooting Guns.  This JUNO-nominated heavy metal rock band have been tearing it up throughout Canada this past year with their psychedelic, progressive sound.  It was exactly the sonic element we needed to immerse our audience into the world of WolfCop.  Locked in their garage for days with nothing but beer and their instruments, they created a memorable soundtrack for the film (available on on vinyl at Riding Easy RecordsOne-Way Static Records) that really brings the film to life.

The soundtrack was so well received that we decided to shoot a video for one of the songs off the soundtrack (but was never actually used in the film) called BARN BURNER.  It is a driven, high-energy track that captures the spirit of the lone wolf.  So go ahead and feast your eyes on BARN BURNER!

Echolands Creative has a new look!

HALLELUJAH! Its been years of finally getting around to making our own children some damn shoes! Hehe… meaning, we finally got a new website up and running!  Its fully responsive and optimized for mobile (smartphones & tablets) and desktops!  Huge thanks to Scott Benson Interactive and TenTwentyFour Interactive for their work (and putting up with us)!  Make sure you check these two very talented individuals out!  Feel free to take a look around the site, drop us a line and let us know what you think!