WC soundtrack

Shooting Guns – Barn Burner

We had the opportunity to work with the talented Saskatoon band, the Shooting Guns.  This JUNO-nominated heavy metal rock band have been tearing it up throughout Canada this past year with their psychedelic, progressive sound.  It was exactly the sonic element we needed to immerse our audience into the world of WolfCop.  Locked in their garage for days with nothing but beer and their instruments, they created a memorable soundtrack for the film (available on on vinyl at Riding Easy RecordsOne-Way Static Records) that really brings the film to life.

The soundtrack was so well received that we decided to shoot a video for one of the songs off the soundtrack (but was never actually used in the film) called BARN BURNER.  It is a driven, high-energy track that captures the spirit of the lone wolf.  So go ahead and feast your eyes on BARN BURNER!

Rise Up, Tacloban!

On November 8, 2013, Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda was one of the most devastating typhoons to ever hit land. Tacloban City, as well as many towns, villages, and communities in the Visayas regions of the Philippines were severely victimized. Thousands of casualties and millions impacted, the world came to help.

This music video was shot as part of The Balikbayan Project to help lift the spirits of the Filipino people. Shot and directed by Rob Hillstead. Produced by Echolands and Qi Creative.

For more information on The Balikbayan Project, visit www.balikbayanproject.com

The Smalls – Forever Is A Long Time

The Smalls are back together for a short time and are currently touring across Canada in a van, selling out shows like they did back in the day!  If you’ve never heard of The Smalls, don’t be too surprised.  They were an Albertan underground hard rock/punk band in the late 80s to mid 90s … but its hard to define a genre as they were so musically talented as they covered many different styles of music, bur definitely appealed to the Western Prairie audience.

With a large dedicated fanbase, a documentary is being produced to capture the band’s journey back to the stage.  It was funded by Kickstarter having doubled their funding goal!  As fans of the band since their inception, we wanted to help out and contribute to this project however we could!

So we did.

We are pleased to be Associate Producers on The Smalls: Forever Is A Long Time.  Had the opportunity to meet and work with Producer John Kerr (Crowsnest Films) as we shot some concert RED footage from The Smalls concert for the doc while here in Regina.
Look forward to The Smalls: Forever Is A Long Time in 2015!