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Shooting Guns – Barn Burner

We had the opportunity to work with the talented Saskatoon band, the Shooting Guns.  This JUNO-nominated heavy metal rock band have been tearing it up throughout Canada this past year with their psychedelic, progressive sound.  It was exactly the sonic element we needed to immerse our audience into the world of WolfCop.  Locked in their garage for days with nothing but beer and their instruments, they created a memorable soundtrack for the film (available on on vinyl at Riding Easy RecordsOne-Way Static Records) that really brings the film to life.

The soundtrack was so well received that we decided to shoot a video for one of the songs off the soundtrack (but was never actually used in the film) called BARN BURNER.  It is a driven, high-energy track that captures the spirit of the lone wolf.  So go ahead and feast your eyes on BARN BURNER!

Know Your Audience: Regina Fan Expo!

Regina Fan Expo Nothing beats face-to-face.

You create more of a lasting impression when you engage and converse with someone in person.

Connecting with WolfCop fans has been one of the most rewarding parts of this whole experience.  We first experienced our first comic convention in Calgary of 2012 when we had to get the word out about our then, proof-of-concept feature during the Cinecoup campaign.  The response was pleasantly overwhelming as WolfCop quickly raised eyebrows and generated a ton of curiosity.  It was fantastic meeting and talking with people who have mutual interests and more importantly, getting their feedback.  Since then, we have attended comic conventions across Canada promoting WolfCop and every single expo has been worth it!

In any venture, it is very important to know who your audience is.  It’s crucial to go out and talk to people about it, whether online or in person.  Knowing your audience’s needs and expectations will help you craft your strategy.  Being social will help you to set specific goals, allow you to be more tactical in your overall marketing strategy and will give you insight that you can’t find on the Internet or otherwise.  Remember, social is a two-way street, so make sure you’re asking the right questions but also pay attention to what they have to say.  They are ultimately the decision makers and determine whether if you’re successful or not, so you probably want to know what makes them tick and what keeps them happy.

That being said, we are pleased to be returning to the Regina Fan Expo this year, held at Canada Centre East at Evraz Place, APRIL 25 & 26, 2015.  Come visit our booth, answering your questions and gathering feedback for the upcoming sequel… WolfCop 2!  If you’re lucky, you may even walk away with some bad ass prizes!


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WolfCop Now Available On DVD and Blu-Ray

WOLFCOP now available

YES! The day has finally come! Wolf-fanatics and collectors can now own their very own copy of WolfCop on DVD and Blu-Ray to enjoy over and over again!  This dvd/bluray is jam packed with extra features and bonus material including a Directors Commentary by director Lowell Dean and practical makeup FX artist Emersen Ziffle, WolfCop: UNLEASHED, a behind-the-scenes making-of documentary… and much more!  WolfCop is available wherever most dvds and blurays are sold.  Today is a very exciting day for us and a dream come true.  We hope that you enjoy WolfCop as much as we had making it!  Available online at Best Buy and Amazon! ARRROOOOO!!!

Don’t forget to play the WOLFCOP Drinking Game while you watch it!  As Cinecoup CEO and J Joly says…

WOLFCOP now available On Demand

Months and months after its theatrical release, WOLFCOP has finally arrived (digitally) in Canada and can now be seen in the comfort of your own homes!  WOLFCOP is now available on XBOX Live and on iTunes Canada!  So grab a six-pack and get yours taste of lycan justice TODAY!

And for all you hardcore WOLFCOP fans…the jam-packed DVD and Blu-Ray hits shelves March 10th! Mark your calendars!

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