Teaser for series in development with First Film Showcase
Produced by Echolands Creative
Written by T.R. McCauley

In the desolate territories of the Cypress Hills, A corpse swings from a lone tree on the prairie… The year is 1878 and the while the sight wouldn’t be considered commonplace, it would scarcely be a shock. But the man swinging from the noose is no everyday horse thief or outlaw, he is being searched for and the discovery of the body will set in motion events that will never be recorded by history, nor believed if they were.
Hidden in the wilderness on the edge of the unmarked frontier between the United States and the “Northwest Territories” sits a town not much more than a few barely standing buildings. But this “ghost town” for some is the last refuge from damnation.

The town sits at the centre of a massive circle of stones, stretching for miles. It has been used as a place of healing and protection by many of the tribes of the First Nations people. Recently, it has found a new purpose; as a refuge and a place to hide for the unfortunate men and women who have bartered their souls to the Devil himself…